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Xiamen HITEC Import & Export co., Ltd. is an exporter of motorcycle and automotive parts. We maintain myriads of vehicle components in stock, including the motorcycle engine parts, motorcycle transmission parts, auto engine parts, and auto transmission parts, among miscellaneous others. On our official website, motorcycle and auto enthusiasts can shop quickly and efficiently the exact part they want at attractive prices... Read More
    1. Motorcycle Piston Kit

      The piston rod is made of aluminum matrix composites that bring together the aluminum, silicon and rare earth metals, which are reinforced by nano ceramic particles. Graphite or moly resin is then sprayed over the rod surface for improved thermal stability, low thermal expansion, minimum friction coefficient, and greater high-temperature resistance.

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    1. Motorcycle Roller Chain

      Roller chain manufacturing technique is borrowed from Japanese Enauma Chain Company and RK JAPAN Company. We also enforce a strict quality control system to ensure reliable roller chains.

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    1. Motorcycle Sprocket

      Each finished product would be straightened for a second time to remove any natural curvature so that the resulting sprocket can have great flatness and an attractive appearance. Upon delivery, there are specialized workers assigned to load the sprockets.

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    1. Motorcycle Con Rod

      This forging process is jointly done by 2 friction presses with capacities being 300t and 400t respectively. Most companies only use a 300t friction press to serve the forging task, where high precision can not be guaranteed.

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    1. Auto Crankshaft

      Precision machining is a process whereby the rough-machined crankshaft gains the correct size and finish. This process is done at the grinding machine. The grinder comes with the automatic wheel balancer, central frame tracking device, measuring device, measurement compensation device, wheel calibration device, and constant linear speed controller.

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    1. Auto Carburetor

      On our best-in-class assembly line, parts are joined together to form a complete carburetor that meets the requirements of JB3601-1984 Auto Carburetor Technical Specifications for the flow rate and dimension of each jet.

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    1. Auto Cylinder Head

      Internal features of our auto cylinder head, such as air and water passageways, are produced via a process known as sand casting. During this process, molten iron is poured into a casting box typically made of metal to obtain the exact dimension, fixed cross section, smooth surface, and air and water ports of desired shapes. To melt the iron, a medium-frequency induction furnace is also used.

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    1. Auto Oil Pump

      Both types of oil pumps are made with advanced production techniques and high-precision inspection equipment via stringent inspection process, resulting in high product reliability. New pump models with special specifications can be developed as long as customers provide us with the right samples.

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